Daleynn Chapman


Pledge to Clients: Real estate is my language, and helping people is my passion! I am privileged to live and work in beautiful Central Washington. I have been helping people turn their dreams into "The American Dream" since 2004. I bring integrity, hard work, and a "win-win" attitude to every transaction as many happy clients would attest. I am a full-service broker who assists clients from beginning to end - from finding the best bank loan programs, to finding the best properties, to researching complex property histories, to using cutting-edge property marketing, to handling every detail through closing. I look forward very much to the opportunity to help you and everybody you refer to me!

Professional Experience: I obtained my Bachelors of Science degree with honors from Western Washington University in 2000. I developed marketing materials for a youth organization that promoted a drug free lifestyle right after college in 2000, which led circuitously to my four-year employment as a legal assistant for a patent and trademark attorney. Both of those work experiences built excellent skills for my real estate career. I have also bought and sold five homes of my own, and owned and managed a rental home for many years. My own experiences in real estate really taught me the language of real estate - and what skills buyers and sellers need (and don't need!) from their real estate professionals. After years of "behind the scenes" work assisting everybody I knew with their real estate transactions, I finally decided to fully invest myself and get licensed in this profession in 2004. I have been helping clients list, sell and purchase their properties ever since.

Outside Interests: My family anchors my life. I love to spend time with my spouse and children doing "the simple things", such as walking, camping, boating, and exploring nature. Or just watching a movie in the family room! My husband and I share a passion for motorcycle riding and we are planning a trip to Sturgis in summer 2015. We watch the Wenatchee Wild play whenever we can, and we love sampling local foods and wines.

Personal Information: I was born in Everett in 1974 to an english teacher and an art teacher. In 1979, my parents divorced and one moved to Mukilteo while the other settled in Wenatchee. I grew up splitting my time between the two cities, which couldn't have been more different. I slept next to a box fan on hot summer nights in Wenatchee, and played in the sand while watching the ferry cross the sound in Mukilteo. In middle and high schools I was always active and pursued swim team, skiing, figure skating, and aerobics. When I headed into college, I decided to pursue a career in health and physical education, teaching students K-12. By the time I graduated, I had changed my major to public health education, believing I could reach a larger audience. During that time, I married, had a daughter, and bought my first home in Blaine. I had always loved architecture and architectural history as well, and had seriously debated becoming an architect. In 2000 I bought my second home and converted my first into a rental. I lived in Birch Bay in a large home on acreage with my family, 3 dogs, and 2 horses for six years. Eventually, divorce led to a fourth home in Ferndale, and a remarriage led to my fifth - and current - home in East Wenatchee. At the end of 2014 I gave birth to my third daughter. After trying several careers and living in numerous homes and locations during the last 23 years, I am finally who I truly am and where I truly belong. I love my life in Wenatchee, and I love the important work that I do! I believe that all of my interests, education, personal experiences, and work skills have contributed to making me the best real estate broker I can possibly be.

Position: Broker
Phone: 509-662-2100
Cell: 360-305-0249
Fax: 509-662-2112